I'm Max Kulakov
and I'm Designer

about me

I am currently a senior designer at YKSoft. I live and work in Saratov and pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science at the Saratov State University.

I began my career in design in 2018. I started as a graphic designer and eventually realized that I’m more interested into the sphere of interfaces and products. Since then, I managed to work with many companies and in various projects, such as the Venrok sports app, the Lifetables habit tracker, and the Easy-Traveling travel app. More cool and interesting cases can be viewed below on the page.

At the same time, I continue to work as a graphic designer, helping such companies as Youcon Events Group, Jedi.University and LoyalMed with visual and identity issues.


sep 2022 - current time
2 year 4 months
Master's degree, Saratov State University
Computer Science, Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems
sep 2017 - jun 2022
5 years
Bachelor's degree, Saratov State University
Computer Science, Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems. Graduate work: "Development of mobile application with implementation of accessibility"


apr 2021 - current time
2 year 4 months
Senior Designer, YKSoft
Audit, development and implementation of solutions in the products of various companies. Implementation of new projects and bringing them to release. Support for existing sites and the application in order to refine the functionality. Interaction with customers and related teams in the process of working on projects. Managing a mini-team of designers
oct 2019 - feb 2021
1 year 5 months
Interface Designer, Venrok
Launch and development of projects from an idea to a final solution with subsequent support
feb 2019 - oct 2019
9 months
Designer, Youcon Events Group
Participation in the organization of events. Work on the website, printed and digital products

projects by companies

■ YKSoft

Work on projects for businesses in various fields from construction companies to the agro-industrial complex. Creation, revision and support of websites and products. Development of internal services and projects of the company.

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■ Climbing Lines

An app for climbers that allows you to discover new places to climb and find different routes in locations. It contains selections based on users interests and collections moderated by experienced guides. In addition, the trip is accompanied by a convenient route tracking, which allows anyone to get the maximum of emotions from the ascent and not get lost. It is also possible to share feedback on the route and update information about it.

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A sports app for professional athletes that allows its users to customize their workout in the most detailed way. There is not only a basic functionality with workouts and a tracker, but also many parameters which allows you to train as efficiently as possible. An important advantage is the possibility to add the role of a coach and the ability to join groups, followed by viewing detailed statistics and analytics for each athlete who trains in your community.

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■ Citimarine

Redesign and update of a large online store of goods for navigation, including increasing the convenience of using the site, supplementing and improving the previous functionality and updating the interface to a modern look.

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■ Easy Travelling

A project that started as a hackathon and has grown into a curated travel guide that allows you to plan your trip from the scratch: from picking weekend dates and transportation to a holiday destination and back, to booking a hotel and various places to visit. You only need to indicate the budget and time and then choose one of the proposed plan options

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■ Mental Health Counseling

A clinic website that offers consultations with qualified specialists and describes common and frequent problems on its pages, which allows the site visitor to come to a balance and, if necessary, use the services provided

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■ Life-Tables

A small and minimalist mood and habit tracking app that allows you to monitor your life statistics, track achievements, joyful moments and be motivated to achieve something more

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